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Anti-Dandruff Scalp Care Pack

Clear dandruff for good with our new Anti-dandruff hair care pack. The cell-active intensive anti-dandruff therapy rapidly works to eradicate all signs of dandruff and prevents it from forming again. Scalp and hair health is naturally restored.
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Dermosthetique Anti-Pelliculaire Shampooing Apaisant – Anti-dandruff medicated shampoo thoroughly cleanses sensitive hair and scalp to clear 100% of dandruff after first use. With an effective complex of natural ingredients like pepper fruits, Inga Alba bark and mimosa to stabilise and calm the scalp, and further prevent formation of new dandruff by reducing dandruff-triggering microbes. Scalp looks and feels balanced, clear and hair becomes more resilient. Suitable for all dandruff sufferers whose flakes are large, waxy or accompanied by irritation of scalp especially chronic dandruff sufferers.

Dermosthetique Anti-Pelliculaire Lotion Apaisant – Anti-dandruff medicated tonic has an impressive triple effect of eradicating 100% of dandruff, breaking the recurring cycle and calms irritation. Revitalises hair and stabilises the scalp’s condition with active complex natural ingredients like pepper fruits, Inga Alba bark and mimosa. Instantly calms stressed, flaky scalp and gives a relaxed sensation, reducing itchiness and clears scalp. Scalp and hair health is naturally restored and risk of hair loss is eliminated.  


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