Summer Protection

In summer time we consider it standard to apply sun block and take care of our skin, but what are we doing to protect our hair?

While the power of the sun can create beautiful sun-kissed blondes, it can also create various types of damage on the hair. UV radiation is particularly intense in the southern hemisphere, and the damage caused by radiation can affect both the hair cuticle by reducing the shine as well as deteriorating the way hair can hold style, hold elasticity, and combat breakage. Those with active lifestyles can compound these issues by causing the hair to become dehydrated after being at the beach or in the pool.

Thankfully, we have a solution. The Soleil range has been developed to suit those with an active outdoor lifestyle. This innovative concept of three haircare products works together synergistically to remove buildup of chlorine and salt and a deposit powerful lipids to shield off UVA and UVB rays. The result of using the Soleil suite are instantly cleaner looking bright colour as well the supple shiny hair.

sun protection for hair
soleil model

Salt Water and Chlorine Clarifying

The natural and gentle ingredients in Soleil shampoo work to remove salt and chlorine residue while protecting the hair from pigment loss. Cocamido propyl betaine plant-based derivatives delicately remove the green build-up of chlorine and salt deposits on the hair. Meanwhile, panthenol is dropped onto the hair shaft to prepare the hair for moisture absorption much like a skin toner). The feeling of shampoo Soleil is a beautifully clean fragrance with the light sense of coconut.

UVA and UVB Protection

By harnessing the power of sunflower oil the Soleil leave it in spray and the conditioner and mask combo treatment deliver intense UV protection to sun stressed hair. This powerful and natural ingredient provides protection against the negative effects of sunlight until your next hair treatment. The hair structure is instantly softer and more elastic and negative UV induced free radicals are deactivated. Coloured hair remains intense and vibrant, feed free all summer long.

Strength & Shine

In addition to combating the effects of environmental damage, the Soleil system looks after here for the long term. Hair that has not received protection maybe compromised, brittle, and in need of new resilience. The combination of a live in spray and a cream conditioner and it also doubles as a mask nourish and revitalise traumatised locks. Strengthening quaternised wheat peptides where do you put in the hair shaft to strengthen connections and add new elasticity and strength. Conditioning polymers combined with panthenol add and seal in moisture to the hair.