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Oily Scalp Care Pack

Slow down oil production and enjoy fresh, clean hair for longer with this duo pack designed to keep your hair clean, light and oil-free. Rapidly stops your roots from becoming greasy and stringy so you can enjoy renewed, fresh and balanced hair.
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Methode Normalisante Lipokerine A Shampoo – Refreshing medicated shampoo to gently cleanse oily scalps and normalise hair’s condition by reducing surplus of lipids and calms sebaceous gland activity. With anti-inflammatory ingredients like horse chestnut and liquorice root extracts to soothe the scalp, and fine plant lipo amino acids to rebuild the scalp and hair’s quality. Scalp feels clear and fresher for longer, while hair is revitalised for a long-lasting shiny finish.

Methode Normalisante Visarôme Dynamique N – Natural aromatherapy tonic to combat oily scalps and works to stop the cycle of over-active sebaceous gland activity long-term. With high-quality and pure natural essential oils from juniper berries, cypress and sage to calm both oily and moist scalps for optimum healthy hair growth conditions. Hair feels refreshed, clean without greasy feeling while scalp has a light, cooling sensation.


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