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Dermosthetique Anti Age Fluide Volume 150ml

Volumising leave-in spray for fine or thinning hair in need of plumping effect.
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Leave-in keratin volume lotion. Helps restore youthful volume in a flash. A keratin complex strengthens the hair and gives it more texture and lively shine. Active ingredients from wheat and hydroactive substances increase softness, elasticity and stylability. UV filters protect the sensitive hair against damaging sun rays.

• Deposits quaternised wheat protein in the cuticle and regenerates the hair structure

• The hair is given noticeably more volume

• Improves the hair’s shine and combability

• Hair-active panthenol and hydrophilic compounds bind moisture deep into the hair, resulting in silky shiny, elastic hair

• Instantly gives strength and optimises the volume of the hair

• Your hair can easily be combed through and is given additional shine

• More hold is given to the roots of your hair

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