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Methode Sensitive Lotion Ergines E 100ml

Medicated tonic soothes red, itchy scalps - Restores balance to irritated, sensitive scalps. - improves their resistance to new irritants. - Instant soothing effect with anti-inflammatory properties.
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  • 5
    Best scalp soothing tonic ever !

    Posted by Jade on 23rd Apr 2020

    I have a super sensitive scalp from bleach burns when I was a teen and I’ve never found anything that soothes my scalp like this does, it takes away that tight sore feeling and doesn’t leave any residue, it is the best !

  • 5
    Instant relief !!

    Posted by Bridget on 17th Apr 2020

    My scalp is soooo sensitive and is so red after colouring and sometimes brushing. This product is the best! I always apply to my scalp after I get out the shower and it stops itching, burning or redness.

  • 4
    Really good for slight irritation

    Posted by Karen on 17th Apr 2020

    I like this for my scalp when it's irritated and my scalp feels much better.<br>

  • 5
    Very good

    Posted by Zhang on 17th Apr 2020

    Stops the sore feelings and lasts a long time.

  • 5
    Love this

    Posted by Parissa Felling on 17th Apr 2020

    I love how easy this is to use and how immediate the relief is. It's hard to find things online that are not a cream of some sort, which of course, doesn't work on your scalp or you'll get all oily. This evaporates immediately and the pink spots disappear. If I' getting my colour done, I use it before and after and it works a charm


Soothing tonic for irritated scalp. Calms the scalp nerves, alleviates existing irritations and promotes the healing of highly irritated areas of the scalp. Reduces swelling and acts as a local anti-inflammatory. The scalp becomes increasingly resistant to irritations and can grow healthy beautiful hair again.

•Itchiness, tightness, irritations and redness are immediately relieved

• Proven 54% decrease in redness after first use

• Aids in quick healing of red, highly irritated spots

• Reduces swelling and acts as an aniti-inflammatory

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