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Sensitive Scalp Care Pack

Relieve irritated, sensitive scalp and hair with our sensitive hair duo pack. Designed to calm sensitive scalp nerves while rebuilding stressed hair for renewed suppleness. Scalp feels revitalised and hair becomes resilient to breakage.
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Methode Sensitive Lipokerine E Shampoo – Soothing medicated shampoo relieves tight, sensitive scalp and gently cleanses hair for immediate calming relief. With panthenol to moisturise irritated scalp and reduce itchy sensation. Fatty acids and amino acids to rebuild stressed hair for renewed suppleness. Scalp and hair feels revitalised, soothed and hair’s elasticity is improved for beautiful, shiny hair.

Methode Sensitive Lotion Ergines E – Calming medicated tonic soothes and restores balance to irritated, sensitive and itchy scalps. With Complexe Sensitif to reduce scalp’s redness and swelling, and increases resistance to irritation. Willow herb extract helps restore balance to irritated scalp and hair becomes resilient to breakage. Proven to decrease redness by up to 54% after first use.


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