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Methode Regenerante Visarome Atone 15 ml

The revitalising aromatherapy concentrate Visarôme Atone regenerates the skin with essential oils and results in an unforgettable feeling of freshness.
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Intensive care combined with a stimulating effect. It is well-known that essential oils have a revitalising effect on body and soul. At the same time, these precious natural essences pamper the skin.
The finest herbal essences such as coriander oil, rosemary oil, sage oil or peppermint oil are contained in the revitalising aromatherapy. Visarôme Atone is invigorating, stimulating and boosts both the metabolism and the circulation. 
The natural plant active ingredients of high-quality blossoms, leaves, seeds and fruits also tighten the tissue and flush out toxins. 

Skin, mind and soul are fully rebalanced.

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