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Stop Sweat Combo Pack

Enjoy clean, fresh hair with our ‘Stop Sweat’ combo pack designed to slow the production of sweat and sebum production on your scalp and hair. Perfect for those with active lifestyles, your scalp and hair will feel refreshed, soft and healthy.
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Methode Normalisante Shampoo Hydrotoxa – Deodorising medicated shampoo to actively cleanse straggly hair and reduce perspiration from the scalp’s pores. With combination of Nettle, Dandelion and Yarrow to neutralise sweat residue and calm scalp condition. Helps boost hair’s natural volume especially for fine, delicate hair and improves hair’s overall quality. Scalp becomes clear and hair becomes lifted with natural shine.

Methode Normalisante Lotion Hydrotoxa – Refreshing medicated tonic to rapidly relieve and cool sweaty, perspiring scalps. With Lysin aspartate to energise the scalp and extracts of rosemary, sage and lavender to disinfect and reduce itching sensation. Sebum production is immediately reduced and hair is restored from weakened state. Overall, scalp feels clean and fresh for longer while hair is revitalised and strengthened.


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