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Eye Performer True Dark Chocolate

Waterproof eyeliner with unique performance for unforgettable eyes.
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This waterproof eyeliner provides first-class performance for every occasion. No matter whether sports, in the water or in the rain, Eye Performer lasts and lasts and lasts. But that’s not all. It also gives you cheerfully awake eyes with an unbeatably intense radiance. The waterproof eyeliner features an innovative combination of softness, unbeatable colour intensity and extremely long durability. Eye Performer’s fantastically silky texture extremely gently caresses the outer lid and enables an ultra-smooth application. The result is one of pure beauty! The waterproof eyeliner visually thickens the eyelashes. The waterproof texture is smudge-proof, making Eye Performer a reliable product for both mermaids and sun worshippers.

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