Luxury, guilt free.

Sustainability & Ethics

Our environment is our responsibility

Green Energy

Since 2008, our production facilities have been using 100% certified green electricity. This allows us to save more than 350 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually. As of 2024, we have offset a total of 17,400 tons of carbon.

From Carbon Neutral to Carbon Negative

We pride ourselves on being one of the first international family-owned beauty companies that is 100% carbon neutral. We are also one of the few beauty brands that is demonstrably set to meet the Paris Agreement’s goal of reducing global temperature by 1.5 degrees by 2030. From manufacturing to shipping, we actively do our part to reverse the crisis of global warming.

Track our carbon offset project in the Amazon Rainforest here

Second Life Plastics

We use FSC paper and easily recyclable plastics in our production. We do not use sticker labels as they clog the ease with which plastics can be broken down and re-used. Our greatest achievement, however, is that we use 100% post-use recycled plastics in our professional sized shampoos. Worldwide, thousands of tons of plastics are in circulation for multiple uses, a first of kind achievement for a family owned beauty brand.

Australian Sustainability

All recyclable waste in our Sydney offices is sent to Sustainable Salons where we send back paper, metals and plastics. 100% of our Australian operations, including product delivery to salons and consumers is 100% offset. The old adage "Take only photos, leave only footprints" is surely a great Aussie saying, but we'd like to update that with no footprint at all. Proudly, we have no carbon footprint.

Sustainably Sourced Ingredients

Our products are made of over 90% natural ingredients. We also source our ingredients including palm oil and argan oil from sustainable sources. These locations do not use ‘burning’ to clear land and destroy natural animal habitats.

Safe Ingredients For Waste Water & Reefs

While our packaging is 100% recyclable, we look after the effects of post-products as well. Our skincare scrubs use natural enzymes and bamboo particles that will not contaminate waterways. Our sunscreens and UV blocking ingredients do not use oxybenzones that destroy reefs. Importantly, we choose natural ammonia for our hair colouring which is safe and naturally evaporates, unlike MEA which does not evaporate.

Global Recognition

In 2023, La Biosthetique was awarded the two top sustainability awards in Europe (The German Sustainability Award 2023 and the Global Transition Award 2022) , awarded to those who demonstrate their commitment and action in the sustainability space. 



Guilt free

The production and testing process

La Biosthetique colour and products are carefully procured and rigorously tested in our state-of-the-art laboratories in the foothills of the Black Forest in Germany. Our products are scientifically tested and dermatologically confirmed by institutes for independent testing in cooperation with university clinics using voluntary testers. Finally, after each and every product meets it’s native EU standard, it undergoes a final examination by the Australian Government’s Department of Heath (NICNAS) before it arrives to your salon.

Animal safety

Animal testing: La Biosthetique strictly forbids animal testing for any of our products.

Animal products: Our products don’t contain any part of animals, however they may contain some animal derivatives such as beeswax (our lipsticks) or keratin and lanolin (from sheeps wool).