A Philosophy of Care

Founded by Parisian bio-chemist Marcel Contier in 1947, La Biosthetique was born from the passion to create hair and beauty products from natural pure ingredients which work in harmony with our own bio-chemistry. 

With our heart and soul in Paris and our state-of-the-art laboratories in Germany, La Biosthetique blends luxury Parisian service with German technology for the most effective, exquisite and exclusive products in the hair and beauty industry. Our Total Beauty Concept is available through professional boutique salons and spas which offer 5-star service and care in the areas of Professional Colour, Hair Care, Skin Care, and Make Up.

The combination of life and beauty, bios and aesthetics.
The combination of the latest research and natural ingredients.
Individual for every kind of skin and every kind of hair.

A 70 year legacy

Family owned and run

When Marcel Contier first invented La Biosthétique, in Paris, more than 70 years ago, he celebrated life’s natural treasures - a holistic philosophy that is still upheld today. The combination of bios, meaning life and esthetics, meaning beauty. Contier was a brilliant biochemist and strongly believed natural substances make much more sense than synthetic ones.

A philanthropist and a humanist. Contier’s philosophy “think good thoughts and live well” still guides La Biosthétique today.

LA - Laboratory

BIO - Biology

STHETIQUE - Aesthetics

The Company

The family–owned company, La Biosthétique, develops and produces highly effective cosmetics for hair and skin which are exclusively sold in international salons and spas. We represent the latest findings in dermatology and biochemistry that are intensively tested in laboratories and in practice, then produced just for you.

Natural raw ingredients, gentle treatment of resources, individual and personal consultations — at La Biosthétique, we focus on the customer. With their nature and their culture, with their health, as well as with the aim of achieving Total Beauty

The Production

Every bottle, every tube, every drop!

Quality is about perfection. That is the purpose of our research. That is our method of production. With a focus on each individual product while respecting ecological conditions. It is the combination of the French metropolis Paris and the quality-obsessed manufacturing culture of the traditional craftmen’s town of Pforzheim, located in the Black Forest. Although international, La Biosthétique continues to celebrate clearly identifiable local roots.