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Perfect Volume Waterproof Mascara

Hydrating waterproof mascara with Vitamin E for flexible, supple lashes.
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The volumising mascara gives your eyes an expression of enchanting personality: Perfect Volume provides maximum lash volume: breathtaking, long, thick and shiny – for eyes with impressive and captivating radiance. Deep colour surrounds every lash without stickiness. The volumising mascara contains high-quality waxes such as carnauba wax Rice germ wax and synthetic beeswax. They surround the lashes with an invisible film that gives them resilience and elasticity. Lime tree extract and glycerine result in optimum protection and condition the lashes from roots to tips. The secret of Perfect Volume also lies in the star-shaped nylon brush. This coats the lashes with the optimum amount of mascara, even the tiniest hairs. Your dream of thick, full and voluminous lashes becomes reality.

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