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Belesthétique The Concentrate 30ml

Concentrated lifting serum to effectively reduce all signs of skin ageing.
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The Concentrate is a powerful rejuvenating serum that visibly reduces all signs of skin ageing. With a triple detoxifying effect, the anti-ageing phyto complex from iris and white truffle optimises exchange of nutrients to the skin’s deeper layers. * Elasticity and radiance is restored to the skin, fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed and skin has a natural glow.

Components of sugar cane, olive and Chinese date activate the skin’s lymphatic system as a detoxifying complex. New protein substances are formed to strengthen the skin’s layers. Skin is left detoxified and rejuvenated.

** Corn extract binds moisture for up to 72 hours in the skin to help stabilise skin barrier, whilst a highly active physio complex of rock rose jiaogulan and amino acid restore the skin’s lipid balance and stimulates skin’s defence system. *


*Proven in vitro with the used active ingredient
**Proven in a clinical study with the used active ingredient

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