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Dry Scalp Care Pack

Suffer from scalp tightness, sensitivity or experiencing brittle hair? Our Dry hair pack with pure natural oils will soothe, nourish and restore both the scalp and hair’s optimal environment for a moisturised, balanced scalp and stronger, thicker hai
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Methode Vitalisante Lipokérine B Shampoo – Nourishing medicated shampoo to calm dry scalp and stressed hair by normalising the scalp’s environment and rebuilding the protective acid mantle. With fine plant lipoamino acids to rebuild hair quality and active panthenol to increase moisture binding properties. Regenerates scalp and hair quality for soft, shiny hair that is easy to style.

Methode Vitalisante Lotion Ergines B – Soothing medicated tonic to alleviate dry, flaky scalps. With active panthenol to prevent moisture loss and protect against environmental elements. Hydrolotion gently stimulates the scalp to promote regular supply of sebum and immediately relieves irritation and tight sensation. Scalp feels refreshed and nourished.


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