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Methode Vitalisante Lipokérine B Shampoo

Medicated shampoo nourishing dry scalps and brittle hair
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    TLC for dry scalp and hair!

    Posted by Marjorie U.

    During menopause, my scalp and hair both became extremely dry, like lizard skin almost. The feeling of tightness was unbearable and it often itched. This shampoo, both alleviated the itching and made my skin feel more elastic and soft again.

  • 4
    good shampoo

    Posted by H.J.

    Good shampoo if you have a dry feeling scalp

  • 4

    Posted by Justine

    As I’ve gotten older, my hair and scalp feel dry and brittle. This shampoo has helped.

  • 4
    No more flakes

    Posted by Amal

    I was recommended this by my hairdresser. It definitely has made a difference and the flakes have cleared up and not come back.

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    Good for dry hair

    Posted by Rachel

    This is a perfect shampoo if you notice a few flakes and your scalp and hair feel dry.

  • 5
    Relief for tight dry scalp

    Posted by Betty

    I’ve always suffered from a dry scalp. In the winter time I sometimes have dandruff, but mostly, it just feels incredibly tight. This shampoo is gentle and soothing, and I like it with the tonic. If I get really bad flareups in the winter I use the genisicap plus. But the shampoo itself feels light and relieving.


Shampooing Lipokérine B contains valuable conditioning ingredients to calm dry scalps and stressed hair as soon as you begin washing. Fine plant lipo amino acids rebuild the hair quality. Active panthenol increases moisture binding and prevents static hair. The structurising shampoo pampers dry scalps, normalises the scalp environment and rebuilds the important protective acid mantle.

• Supplies dry scalp and damaged hair with nutrients

• Lipoamino acids work actively in the hair to noticeably improve the condition of damaged hair

• Promotes shine and silkiness without making the hair too soft

• The hair becomes elastic and easier to style

• Also treats typical symptoms of a dry scalp, e.g. sensation of tightness, flaky dandruff etc. with the individual scalp care regime with lotions, oils or aromatherapy oils

* Complexe Vitalisant makes the scalp pliable again, regenerates the skin’s natural protective film around 300–400% faster, provides an even, protective hydrolipid film, normalisesthe scalp environment and noticeably improves scalp function-ing by up to 126%.

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