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Methode Vitalisante Visarome Dynamique EN 30ml

Natural aromatherapy complex stimulating oil production for dry itchy scalps.
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Stimulating essentials oils for dry scalp. Purely natural and spicy essential oils from rosemary needles, lavender blossoms, geranium blossoms, sandalwood, parsley and carrot seeds boost the scalp’s circulation and restore its metabolism. The sebaceous glands are activated, the scalp is protected and hair can grow healthy again.

• A dynamically effective blend of essential oils stimulates circulation and metabolism in the scalp

• The secretion by the sebaceous glands is improved

• Scalp functioning is stimulated

• The scalp receives more protective, softening sebum

• Scalp and hair become less brittle

• The hair maintains better conditions for growth

• Essential oils have an intensive, synergistic effect on the scalp and, via the limbic system of the nose, have a beneficial and invigorating effect on the entire body

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