100% Carbon Neutral



As a family-owned company, we believe nature and science go harmoniously hand in hand together. Since the 1940s, we have been striving to have the lowest carbon footprint possible. Although we have consistently tried to improve our carbon footprint, measuring our philosophy has been difficult to date. Nevertheless, it is our ongoing mission to protect, respect and save our nature and resources for many generations to come. With ClimatePartner, we are incredibly excited to launch our carbon neutral initiative and share this new milestone with you.

Rob Aubin

CEO Australia & New Zealand

The Carbon Emergency

Carbon, a byproduct in many large scale industrial processes, is emitted into the Earth’s atmosphere as a greenhouse gas commonly known as “Carbon Dioxide” from the combustion of fossil fuels and other organic materials such as petroleum, coal and natural gas

Greenhouse gases work to trap heat closer to the planet resulting in global warming and leading to catastrophic weather events, which has greatly affected the human population and natural environment. Over the last 150 years, human activities – primarily from burning fossil fuels and deforestation - have played a major role in the increase in atmospheric greenhouse gases and its concentration level within the planet.

With the constant rapid development in today’s environment, Statista projected the global carbon emissions will increase to 43.08 billion metric tons by 2050 in comparison to 35.3 billion metric tons in 2018. That is an increase of close to 8 billion metric tons!

Why Become Carbon Neutral?

By definition, carbon neutral (or carbon neutrality) is a concept that aims to balance between emitting carbon and absorbing carbon emissions. As it is near impossible to generate zero-carbon emissions, carbon neutrality is a viable approach by actively reducing our energy consumption and offsetting the remainder with reforestation projects.

Carbon neutrality is vital if we want to stop and prevent climate change. Furthermore, it provides an opportunity for entities, organizations and individuals to be held accountable for their carbon footprint.

What is a Carbon Offset Project?

Carbon offset projects make a decisive contribution to combating global warming by actively reducing, removing or capturing carbon emissions from the Earth’s atmosphere. These environmental projects can take the form of forest conservation, reforestation or the development of renewable energy. In addition, carbon offset projects promote sustainable development in project locations especially developing countries, for example improving access to clean drinking water, expanding local infrastructure, creating jobs and preserving biodiversity.

Did you know?

The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a globally recognized benchmark for measuring positive effects from carbon offset projects. These positive outcomes include fighting poverty and hunger, providing clean water to developing regions, creating jobs, promoting education and implementing clean, affordable energy.

Sometimes, the additional effects are so great that these environmental projects help fight global warming as a supplemental effect – and not vice versa!

Our Commitment

La Biosthétique has proudly teamed up with ClimatePartner to take control, action and support the health of our natural environment.

Today, we pride ourselves on being one of the first international family-owned beauty companies that is carbon neutral. From research to manufacturing, products to packaging, and from offices to academies around the world, we are all actively doing our part to make a difference. We have improved our energy consumptions, initiated new processes, upgraded equipment to reduce our carbon footprint and continue to use renewable energy wherever possible.

Our Mission

La Biosthétique’s strategy to approach climate neutrality in five steps:

We have now offset

107,255 kg of C02

Who is ClimatePartner and how can they help?

Over the last 14 years, ClimatePartner has established a growing global network of climate neutral companies across 35 countries - with 120 employees and over 3,000 corporate customers around the world. They offer companies climate action solutions from measuring carbon footprint to holistic climate action strategies and supporting international carbon offset projects.

ClimatePartner works closely with their network and the wider project communities to ensure they continually reduce and offset greenhouse emissions wherever possible by providing climate neutral certification to companies and products that are measured and certified by international bodies.

Quick Facts

All of La Biosthétique products are carbon-neutral certified and shipped across Australia and New Zealand.

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Madre de Dios forest protection project

For carbon emissions that we are unable to reduce within the company, we are offsetting these emissions by supporting the Madre de Dios forest protection project, in Peru.

This project protects over 100,000 hectares of the Amazon rainforest, known to be one of the largest areas with the highest biodiversity in the world, from massive deforestation. Also, it provides protection for endangered animals and plant species along with supporting Indigenous tribes and economic alternatives to deforestation. Madre de Dios forest protection project is VCS and CCBS Gold Level certified.

What is the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)?

The emission reductions from VCS-certified projects must be real, measurable, additional, permanent, independently verified, conservatively estimated, uniquely numbered and transparently listed. The VCS certification goal fulfils the Kyoto Protocol criteria and requirements.

Our Carbon Neutral Salon Program

We're excited to announce the launch of our Carbon Neutral Salon Program for our Australian and New Zealand partner salons. We are the first Australian hair and beauty brand that facilitates its salon partners to become 100% Carbon Neutral through our partnership with ClimatePartner. Our salon partners will have the opportunity to support sustainable development projects for emerging countries and take a step further to fighting climate change for our planet.

Together, we can make a difference for this planet and for our future generations.