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Smart Liner Just Black

Felt-tipped liquid liner. Waterproof and smudge resistant.
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The Smart Liner’s waterproof formulation ensures it lasts 24 hours. No matter whether UV rays, water or a night of dancing: the long-lasting and waterproof eyeliner stays where it is applied. In addition, it contains high-quality Vitamin E to condition your delicate skin. Subtle and suitable for everyday wear or seductive with sexy cat’s eyes: the revolutionary nylon tip of this long-lasting eyeliner is suitable for every look. Fine, flexible and with extreme precision, it glides over the skin. Complicated application? No way. The nylon tip and the pen form of the smart, long-lasting eyeliner make the perfect team. They create clear, striking and compact lines in just one stroke. The intense and ultra-fine colour pigments develop a breath taking expressiveness and a professional, silky finish. Smart Liner features a convincingly smooth formulation, unbeatable colour intensity and extremely long durability even for contact lens wearers because it is perfume-free and dermatologically tested.

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